Patricia Cornwell



Today I returned to the federal courtroom where, two and a half years ago, a jury of our peers returned a verdict in favor of my partner Staci and me for $50.9 million, a wonderful vindication after all that my business managers Anchin Block & Anchin had done to us.  Thirteen months after the verdict, the trial judge decided that he had made certain errors of law, took away our most important claim involving false criminal accusations against me, and granted a new trial. One of the individuals at the very core of that outrageous claim recently joined Anchin’s new law firm, and the judge refused to disqualify that firm despite our protest. Staci and I decided to take control of our own destiny, and move this matter immediately to the United States Court of Appeals by withdrawing the remaining claims in order to pave the way to an immediate appeal. Given that the jury spoke loudly in our favor, we are committed to honoring their decision and ensuring that justice is served.

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