Patricia Cornwell

First review for Unnatural Death out in November!


When two campers wanted by the police turn up dead in the forest, quite badly mutilated,

Virginia’s chief medical examiner, Kay Scarpetta, is faced with a number of questions. This, the

twenty-seventh Scarpetta novel, is an especially good entry in the series. Cornwell has always

kept Scarpetta (and readers) guessing, but this mystery is even more baffling—in a good

way!—than most. How do people accused of nonviolent crimes wind up dying in the most violent

ways imaginable? Who’s responsible? Is the fact that their bodies are almost unrecognizable,

making it difficult to confirm their identities, possibly a clue? And to whom does that unusually

large footprint near the crime scene belong? Several years ago, it seemed as though the

Scarpetta series had lost its way, but, thankfully, the series has since returned to top form. And in

top form, a Scarpetta novel is almost unmatched in the mystery genre. Enthusiastically

recommended to Cornwell’s fans. Larger libraries may want to stock multiple copies.


-David Pitt (BookList)