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Sickert painting


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8 thoughts on “Sickert painting

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is a story that I have been interested in most of my life. I’m 65 years old. I’m thrilled that this case is so much more likely to being “solved” or as solved as it is possible to do. I’m very fascinated by this painting, as well. Thanks for sharing! EP

  2. james says:

    Hello Patricia, During your Sickert thing, did you come up with anything on Dorothy D Cadman a female artist. I have one of her paintings and also a long held theory, as I once
    heard from someone that she was one of his pupils. This is a very interesting theory with a bit of proof, so I hope you contact me. If you do a book on this then put me down for a bonus as its that good and you will love it.
    Kind regards James
    ps I am not on Twitter or FB so can someone point this post out to her please.

  3. Elizabeth Ainsley says:

    Dear Ms. Cornwell. I am reading Ripper and just got to the page with the black and white picture of you standing in front of the painting PATROL.
    At the left side of the police woman, there is a distinct male face. From the darkness toward the bottom looking up, I see a beard, mouth, possible mustache, nose, eyes, forehead and what looks like hair. This appears to be sky or clouds. I did not see it at first. It may not show up in the painting due to color but in the black and white it is really noticeable. Did you see it? Please look. Good book by the way.

  4. Trish Smith says:

    Where is this painting? My partner and I travel to Europe frequently and visit many museums. We would love to see this painting.

  5. Steve says:

    Hello could Walter sickert have known an artist in the northeast call hemy as I am interested in your theory that he is the ripper

  6. Susan Byrne says:

    Hey there – I am happily re-reading Portrait of a Killer. It’s a great book, and very well-presented.

    I just wanted to point something out though. In it, Ms Cornwell describes a Sickert painting, Le Journal, and says the woman is reclining with her mouth inexplicably open.

    It certainly looks like the mouth is open at first glance. But if we re-examine the painting, we can see that the woman’s mouth is actually tightly shut.

    Because we are looking at the reclining woman from a southerly angle, we see the underside of her top lip, in bright coral colour. Under that is a white-ish streak, which at fist glance resembles teeth. but is actually her bottom lip. The dark streak underneath that is the shadowy underside of her lower lip, and the streak of coral underneath that is he chin (which at first is taken to be her lower lip).

    All of this becomes easier to see if we get the image on a computer screen, and cover the chin area with our finger, leaving only the top lip and the white streak underneath visible. On doing this, the tightly-shut mouth becomes readily apparent, because we have taken away the confusing context of the blurry chin area.

    I realise that this would not make sense to anybody from the description alone, but if one were to look at the painting quickly, I believe it would be immediately apparent.

    I only mention it because Ms Cornwell understandably argues that the open-mouthed woman may be yet another macabre clue in Sickert’s artwork – an echo of one of his victim’s facial expressions, as it were.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks for reading :)

  7. george says:

    Re: Ripper, quite the intriguing work. FWIW, on page 77, the Ripper drawing of the razor should more properly be viewed 180 degrees from its book presentation, The inscription is then in its “more normal” orientation for a blade inscription. When viewed thus, the letters S H E are quite apparent.

    Also, it goes without saying that the semen stain on the Ripper letter would be a good source for DNA and I had hoped some mention of this would have been made in the book.

  8. SPC Seagrove says:

    Your book is the bomb! Don’t listen to the whiners and complainers. Could you please tell me what the rest of the caption says on page 362!!!! My copy only has 3 lines and the rest are missing!!

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