Patricia Cornwell

Ripper letter (what do U notice?)


08.07.17.#Ripper letter (what do U notice?)

One thought on “Ripper letter (what do U notice?)

  1. Victoria E.Hammond says:

    I had not read for pleasure for three years. Undergrad psychology and Master of Arts in Counseling for Licensed Professional Counselor.(too old, not enough intellectual energy available for P H. D. or P S. D. in psychology. First 1974 Bachelor of Science in Art, Rockford College, 1974. Had taken job at dual diagnosis treatment center as treatment technician, and they persuaded the return to school. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, most satisfying ten years of my life. During internship, my back was broken, serious lay up, after surgery. Grabbed a couple Rita Mae Brown books, Tony Hillerman, Dick Francis, Dean Koontz, and librarian said, “You will really enjoy her.”as I was introduced to you. Am reading everything for the second time. Did not get Scarpetta and Benton in accurate timeline, and have not read “The Ripper”(sic), nor your cookbook. Thank you. Rita Mae Brown and I swapped “Rubyfruit Jungle” and ” Loving Women”. Amazon, “Loving Women”, by the Nomadic Women, illustrated by Victoria Hammond. Long story short, you MUST put illustrated by Victoria Hammond, or you will get the second edition. First sex manual written, illustrated, and printed by lesbians, for lesbian, bisexual-sexual and straight women, in 1975. A serious fan, thanks so much.

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