Patricia Cornwell

Rainy Los Angeles


02.08.17.Rainy #losangeles

2 thoughts on “Rainy Los Angeles

  1. L K Tucker says:

    Your book revealed that Walter Sickert. was an artist with bizarre habits. That suggests another connection to confirm his guilt. __ The explanation is too long for this comment window. But it involves a conflict of the physiology of sight engineers discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers in 1964. I can connect these currently believed-harmless episodes to mass shooting suicides, and college suicides. (See site pages.) ___ Visual subliminal distraction, if Sikert created the “special circumstances” for it where he painted, would have shaped his thinking with paranoia, depression, and brought on the psychotically shaped homicidal thinking to cause the murders. ___ The way in which the victims were dissected suggests psychotic-like motivation.__ Visit VisionAndPsychosis.Net and send me an email so I can explain further. __ There are no papers or studies about Subliminal Distraction. The public, and mental health services/research are unaware engineers discovered and solved the problem using the office cubicle by 1968. __ The phenomenon is an excellent subject for a book. The failure to warn computer users, and students about the “mental break causing design mistake” is criminal.

  2. jbeal says:

    Love the Scarpetta books and have just found this blog.

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