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Ten books to read in November

flesh and blood sneak peak


You don’t have to have the new iPhone to enjoy this sneak peek of FLESH AND BLOOD in the iBooks store. Start reading now:

Fun is coming to CBS!


 Best-selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell is writing an original drama pilot for CBS through ABC Studios. She will executive produce the yet-to-be-titled project with Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts. Read more:  

Meet Angie Steele


CBS has bought a crime drama from one of the genre’s literary experts, bestselling author Patricia Cornwell

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Do you believe the science you read in crime fiction? More

‘Inspirational’ women choose favourite books for Baileys


Nineteen “inspirational” women, including Caitlin Moran, Dawn O’Porter, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Sandi Toksvig, will mark 19 years of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction by sharing the books by women that have most impacted their lives. More

One of my heroes.


The “Good Morning America” anchor and author of “Everybody’s Got Something” calls Maya Angelou her literary hero. As a teenager in Mississippi, I identified with her quest for independence. More      


We ask a celebrity a set of devilishly probing questions – and only accept THE definitive answer. This week it’s novelist Patricia Cornwell’s turn. More

What Liz Smith says about Dust


At that time in my life I was into wash-and-wear men who required no effort to maintain with no harm done. I wanted men who were easy to clean up after, cheap men, simple men to have sex with, to be served and serviced by, so I could forget what I know for a while.”  […]

Interview with The Star


Merry Christmas, mystery fans. Here’s what Patricia Cornwell is stuffing into your bloodstained stocking this holiday season with her 21st Kay Scarpetta mystery, Dust. There’s a diabolical killer, high-end corporate espionage, deep psychological trauma, tummy-turning forensics, unbearable suspense and a complex emotional resolution set on — when else? — Christmas Day. Read More    

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Patricia Cornwell Lets Her Characters Speak For Themselves


NHPR and The Music Hall present Writers on a New England Stage with Patricia Cornwell. Her best-selling Kay Scarpetta crime fiction series introduced millions of readers to forensic pathology – and inspired popular TV shows from CSI to Dexter. After her 21st Scarpetta novel, Patricia Cornwell reflects on the process of turning grisly real-world crimes […]

Patricia Cornwell makes a killing


(CBS News) Author Patricia Cornwell has been making a killing WRITING about killings – all kinds of killings. Martha Teichner gives us a read on her prolific career: The “Scarpetta Patch” – which represents the scales of justice, a caduceus, and enlightenment – is on Patrician Cornwell’s sleeve. It’s on jewelry. It’s also on her […]

8 best crime books for Autumn


Looking for a brilliant page turner? Books Editor Joanne Finney recommends 8 addictive thrillers and crime novels. More

What the UK is saying.


At 5ft 3ins Patricia Cornwell cuts a slight figure next to the two burly security men standing guard at her door. But her bank balance is anything but diminutive. Details of her extravagant lifestyle were laid bare in a bitter court case earlier this year when she was awarded £30million against her financial management company. […]

‘Dust’ by Patricia Cornwell


The latest outing for Dr. Kay Scarpetta is packed with too-close-for-comfort encounters. The murder mystery that the medical examiner tangles with in “Dust” hits close to Scarpetta’s home, her Cambridge Forensic Center office, her technical wizard of a niece, Lucy Farinelli, and her FBI profiler husband, Benton Wesley. Upping the nail-biting suspense factor is the […]

In my Library: Patricia Cornwell


In “Dust,” Patricia Cornwell’s latest, intrepid medical examiner Kay Scarpetta tracks down “a new enemy” — people so addicted to fame, they’ll literally kill for some attention. “I wanted to focus on financial crime and the shadowy, greedy people who might be capable of almost anything,” Cornwell tells The Post. “I thought it would be […]

Patricia Cornwell On ‘˜Dust,’™ Sandy Hook, New TV Show


Patricia Cornwell, the best-selling crime novelist and creator of popular protagonist Dr. Kay Scarpetta, is out with a new book starring Scarpetta called Dust and has a TV pilot on the way. Patricia Cornwell Talks Sandy Hook In Dust, named for the fluorescent colors that manifest upon using an ultraviolent light in forensics, Cornwell made […]

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The author of the Scarpetta novels, most recently “Dust,” plans to write her memoirs, but not anytime soon: “I will want my story told with glaring, unflinching honesty.” Tell us about your favorite book of the year. Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper.” It’s an amazingly detailed account of fighting in Iraq — a humanizing, brave story […]

Patricia Cornwell, Crime Novel Author, Opens Up About Her Sexuality


Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell opened up about her sexuality in a HuffPost Live appearance this week. “For me, I feel it’s important to own anything that’s the truth,” said the openly gay Cornwell, whose books include The Last Precinct and Dust. “I don’t ever want dirty secrets in my closet.” Watch Video

Patricia Cornwell: My writing had to change – it’s psychopathic teens not serial killers who scare people today


Crime writer Patricia Cornwell has sold more than 100milion books and is the brains behind medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. What is Dust, featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, about? It opens when Scarpetta’s just come back from a terrible case – the equivalent of the Newtown massacre, a mass murder by firearms. More

Cornwell writes 21st Scarpetta mystery


NEW YORK — Patricia Cornwell never runs out of ideas for her intrepid forensic investigator, Kay Scarpetta. “Cybercrime is now a really big deal, and so Scarpetta is inevitably going to get involved in crimes that have to do with the Internet, or the high technology with communications,” the best-selling author said during a recent […]

Patricia Cornwell book excerpt: Inside the hunt for a killer


(CBS News) In Patricia Cornwell’s “Dust,” the author continues the story of Kay Scarpetta in the twenty-first installment of her wildly popular series. In “Dust,” readers are re-introduced to the Scarpetta, chief medical examiner and the director of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Cambridge, Mass., where she coaxes the truth out of dead bodies and […]

Patricia Cornwell on a New England stage


PORTSMOUTH — The Writers on a New England Stage series welcomes #1 New York Times bestselling crime writer Patricia Cornwell with the latest installment in her wildly popular Kay Scarpetta series, DUST, on Thursday, Nov. 14. The 7:30 p.m. event in The Music Hall’s Historic Theater in downtown Portsmouth includes an author presentation and on-stage […]

ABC Buys Crime Drama From Patricia Cornwell, Matt Gross & Stephanie Sengupta


Bestselling novelist Patricia Cornwell, best known for her Kay Scarpetta series, is behind another crime franchise with a strong female character at the center, this time for TV. ABC has put in development Greta Stone, a drama project based on an original idea by Cornwell. Co-written by Cornwell and Law & Order alumna Stephanie Sengupta, […]

Welcome to my crime room.


Patricia Cornwell, who has sold at least 100 million books, has to be one of the best-selling crime writers alive. She also may have solved the mystery of Jack the Ripper, a theory she details in her 2002 book, “Portrait of a Killer.” It’s absolutely certain that her series of novels starring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, […]

Books: New and noteworthy


1. Dust: A Scarpetta Novel by Patricia Cornwell (Putnam, fiction, on sale Nov. 12) What it’s about: In this 21st installment in a series, medical examiner Kay Scarpetta becomes involved in a serial killer case her husband, an FBI profiler, is investigating. More

New & Notable: Patricia Cornwell’s ‘Dust’


Bestselling author Patricia Cornwell’s books are known for their authenticity, vivid storytelling, cutting-edge science and unforgettable characters. Speaking of unforgettable, forensic whiz Kay Scarpetta returns in Dust, the 21st installment of the uber-popular series. She’s the chief medical examiner and director of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Cambridge, Mass. She’s just finished working the mass […]