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Depraved Heart‬ and more with Libby Purves on BBC Radio 4


Libby Purves meets crime writer Patricia Cornwell; astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell; musician Simon Nicol and adventurer Benedict Allen. Watch

KIRKUS REVIEW, Depraved Heart


Another gritty, world-weary tale of mayhem by masterful mysterian Cornwell (Flesh and Blood, 2014, etc.). More

Book review: Cornwell’s latest brims with head-spinning plot twists


This heart-stopping, paranoia-fueled, propulsively readable, viscerally suspenseful, disconcertingly shifty new mystery in the Kay Scarpetta series — she heads up the Cambridge Forensic Center — complete with a labyrinthine lesbian loop, bodies piling up, strange sounds, the FBI and the Cambridge police and the CIA frighteningly intertwined, and helicopters is one of the most riveting […]

Steve Wright in the afternoon


‘I would do a cameo in a heartbeat!’ Crime writer Patricia Cornwell wishes she had created her own forensic TV show More

Patricia Cornwell on the Thrill of Writing Crime Novels as a Woman


We talked with the best-selling crime novelist about what it’s like to be a millionaire, her theories on Jack the Ripper and Princess Diana, and writing your own role models as a woman. More

‘Depraved Heart,’ A Conversation With Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell is known to millions of readers worldwide. She has won nearly every literary award for popular fiction and has authored 29 New York Times bestsellers. Her novels center primarily on medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, along with her tech-savvy niece Lucy and investigator Pete Marino. Read More

Patricia Cornwell talks latest novel ‘Depraved Heart’


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Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta Series Turns 25


Patricia Cornwell’s new book, Depraved Heart, (Harper Collins) marks the 25th anniversary of her Dr. Kay Scarpetta series, which basically introduced readers to the world of forensic research. (Think CSI, and NCIS). Read More

‘Depraved Heart’


“Depraved Heart” by Patricia Cornwell combines suspense with modern day forensics to make a riveting story. This is the 25th anniversary of the hugely popular Dr. Kay Scarpetta series. People forget that Cornwell was on the forefront, one of the people most credited for launching the interest in forensic research, about a decade before the […]

Patricia Cornwell: how extreme sports changed my life


I’m always scared when I learn a new sport but my number one rule in life is that I will not be ruled by fear. If I’m afraid of something I’m going to figure out a way to deal with it. Since I was a little kid I’ve loved fast, powerful machines but the truth […]

For Patricia Cornwell, gruesome details win readers


Patricia Cornwell hung up the phone, ran into the ladies’ room and wept. Yes, I swear it. Around 1980, this bestselling crime novelist was a recent Davidson College graduate working as a feisty police reporter for the Charlotte Observer. That morning the paper had run her interview with a woman assaulted by a serial rapist. […]



Another gritty, world-weary tale of mayhem by masterful mysterian Cornwell (Flesh and Blood, 2014, etc.). More

An Evening with Patricia Cornwell in conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis


discussing the writing life and her new novel, Depraved Heart   More Info

Patricia Cornwell solves The Mystery of Edwin Drood in new show


A student essay, in which the future Kay Scarpetta author set out to name the killer in Charles Dickens’s unfinished novel, has gone on display in London.  Years before forensic pathologist-sleuth Kay Scarpetta was applying her finely-tuned mind to stopping the serial killers who plague Richmond, Virginia and its environs, her creator Patricia Cornwell was […]

Exciting times in medicine.


With backing from crime writer, McLean researchers seek clarity on medical marijuana More  

Patricia Cornwell Inks Two-Book Deal


Author Patricia Cornwell has landed a two-book deal with HarperCollins.   Both titles continue the story of medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. The William Morrow imprint will publish the first book in Fall 2016 and the second book in Fall 2017.  More

Patricia Cornwell on latest book ‘Flesh and Blood’


New York Times best-selling author discusses writing her new thriller More



I’m excited to tell you the title of my next Scarpetta novel: DEPRAVED HEART. You’ve seen some of the research I’ve been doing (diving in the Bermuda Triangle, flying, firearms training). So get ready for DEPRAVED HEART’s Fall 2015 release! In the meantime, the paperback edition of FLESH AND BLOOD is on sale June 30th. […]

The 50 Best First Sentences in Fiction


In a 2013 interview with Joe Fassler, horror fiction maestro Stephen King reflected on the magnitude of a novel’s introductory sentence. “An opening line should invite the reader to begin the story,” he said. “It should say: Listen. Come in here. You want to know about this.” The first sentence sets the stage—however long or […]

Book review: Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta is back on the case


Patricia Cornwell is at the top of her form. Yes, the text is loaded with forensic information on autopsies, guns, bullets and the trajectories of a sharp-shooting sniper’s aim as well as bureaucratic infighting, feuds, fracases and furies. At the same time, her probing of her characters’ psychological depths and motives is elegantly nuanced, evocative […]

A Better Approach to “Write Every Day”


Everywhere you look, it’s all about pushing ourselves, isn’t it? First came November’s NaNoWriMo, with all the tips for writing more, more, more, writing faster, faster, faster. Then came the holidays, with 12 days left to shop/plan/wrap/bake/revise that manuscript from last month, 11, 10, 9 … And now it’s on to who can make the […]

Book Talk: Patricia Cornwell on writing about darkness, loss


(Reuters) – In the crime fiction realm, author Patricia Cornwell’s fame may be surpassed only by her brainchild and longtime heroine, forensics expert Kay Scarpetta. More

Patricia Cornwell on shooters and Scarpetta


PATRICIA Cornwell is no stranger to guns. She’s big on personal security and never wants to leave herself vulnerable. More

‘Writing is the best thing I do, but it’s also the hardest’


She has struggled with anorexia, alcohol and depression, among other dramas. But, like her heroine Dr Kay Scarpetta, bestselling novelist Patricia Cornwell has mellowed, she tells Hannah Stephenson. More

The book that changed my life


Nineteen-seventy-four was a year like no other. I was about to begin my senior year of high school. I needed to think about college but there was only one thing on my mind:  tennis. More

Kay Scarpetta Returns in Flesh and Blood, by Patricia Cornwell


For nearly 25 years, Patricia Cornwell has been delighting mystery/thriller fans with one of the genre’s greatest female characters and greatest detectives in general. Kay Scarpetta endures because Cornwell has crafted her as a complex, living, breathing character, and then placed her in some of the most creative and exciting mystery plots of the modern age. Her […]

Patricia Cornwell joins Suzy Klein


Suzy Klein sits in for Claudia Winkleman and is joined by author Patricia Cornwell to discuss the new Kay Scarpetta novel. Listen

LIZ SMITH: “Flesh and Blood”


WHAT successful author Patricia Cornwell has shown us in her many terrific novels about forensic crime detection merely precedes the immediate future of solving mysteries in the lab.  More

Cornwell speeds up storytelling


Chatting from her New York hotel where she is admiring the Manhattan skyline, Patricia Cornwell muses that far more than the city landscape has changed since she began writing 30 years ago. More

Patricia Cornwell on Her Crime Library


Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell, 58, is author of 32 books, including her latest, “Flesh and Blood” (William Morrow). She spoke with Marc Myers.  On Christmas morning of 1961, my father walked out on us. I was 5 and could hear my parents fighting. When I saw the suitcases, I wrapped myself around his leg, but […]

Patricia Cornwell: Evolution of heroine a constant for writer


Patricia Cornwell has come a long way since her days as a crime reporter for The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer and a computer analyst at the chief medical examiner’s office in Richmond, Va. She has published more than 30 books, with 22 of them about her forensic scientist and crime-solving protagonist, Kay Scarpetta. More

Cornwell Resolute Over Jack The Ripper Identity


Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell has reiterated to Sky News her claim to know the true identity of Jack the Ripper.  The best-selling author has long had a fascination with the notorious Victorian killer and has spent over 11 years researching her theory that Jack the Ripper was a painter, publishing her findings in a book. […]

Opening Locked Drawers with Patricia Cornwell Behind the Book


“I always want to know what no one wants to show me,” says best-selling author ­Patricia Cornwell. “I always want to open the drawer that’s locked to see what’s inside.” More

Flesh and Blood book review


Flesh and Blood is a crime novel by Patricia Cornwell.  It is the 22nd novel in Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series, which began with Postmortem (1990).  In Flesh and Blood, Cornwell’s beloved forensic sleuth tries to unravel the mystery of a serial sniper whose killings and motives seem to strike close to Scarpetta herself. More

Talking Flesh And Blood with Dawn Neufeld


New York Times Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell is at it again with a new Kay Scarpetta novel called “Flesh and Blood”. Watch

Acclaimed crime writer on diving Bermuda’s wrecks


One of the world’s best known crime writers, the US author and avid diver Patricia Cornwell, has extolled the Island’s water in today’s Telegraph. More

Amazon Asks: Patricia Cornwell, on Her New Novel, “Flesh and Blood”


Flesh and Blood is Patricia Cornwell’s twenty-second novel featuring forensic sleuth Dr. Kay Scarpetta. This time Scarpetta pursues a sharp-shooting serial sniper, and her investigation leads too close to a family member–her own flesh and blood. Flesh and Blood is an Amazon Best Mystery-Thriller of the Month. More

Patricia Cornwell’s Travelling Life


Patricia Cornwell, the American author, recalls scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle, a summer at Oxford University, and the scariest flight of her life.  More

Google Hangout


Patricia Cornwell answers YOUR questions! Watch Now  

Where I stand


Amazon Publishing has released an essay by bestselling author Patricia Cornwell, which documents her investigation of Jack the Ripper for her 2002 title, Portrait of a Killer. “Chasing the Ripper,” published today as a Kindle Single by Amazon imprint Thomas & Mercer, is priced at $1.99. More

Patricia Cornwell on her latest book ‘Flesh and Blood’


Author Patricia Cornwell weighs in on flying helicopters, Senator John McCain and her latest book ‘Flesh and Blood.’ More

HarperCollins Campaign Streams New Book One Word at a Time


To increase engagement around a new thriller, HarperCollins “spritzed” it one word at a time on a digital billboard at one of London’s busiest train stations. For the past two weeks, London commuters have been able to read Patricia Cornwell’s latest thriller, Flesh and Blood, for free on a digital billboard at the Liverpool Street […]

Patricia Cornwell on writing and her character Kay Scarpetta


Patricia Cornwell is a pioneer of the genre of forensic psychological thrillers, and perhaps best known for her series following medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. More

Guns, gay marriage and a real-life murder: The private life of thriller writer Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell has sold over 100 million books, owns an upscale apartment in Boston, a private helicopter, and has a personal fortune somewhere north of $75 million. So, naturally, she is telling me about her money worries. More

Nikki chats with Patricia Cornwell


Nikki chats it up with the vastly popular Patricia Cornwell on the release of her 22nd novel in the Dr. Kay Scarpetta series “FLESH AND BLOOD” which is in stores now! Listen below! More

Author Patricia Cornwell has been moving and shaking up her veteran medical examiner Kay Scarpetta


There were no forensic TV shows when Patricia Cornwell created chief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta in 1990, but the fictional doctor is going strong 24 years later as “Flesh and Blood,” the 22nd Scarpetta book and the second Boston-based one, hits shelves this week. More

Interview: Authors Patricia Cornwell and Anne Rice


The stories Patricia Cornwell and Anne Rice tell have little in common. One writes about seeking justice for the dead; the other prefers exhuming the secrets of the undead. More Read more here:

Dr. Kay Scarpetta returns in a new forensic crime adventure


Author Patricia Cornwell has come a long way since her days as a crime reporter for the Charlotte Observer and a computer analyst at the chief medical examiner’s office in Richmond, Va More

Flesh and Blood: A Fascinating Talk With Patricia Cornwell


Patricia Cornwell is the internationally bestselling and award-winning author of 33 books, the most famous and widely read being the 22 novels of the “Kay Scarpetta” series. More

Patricia Cornwell’s ‘Flesh and Blood’


The twenty-second novel to feature the indelible Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Flesh and Blood marks Cornwell’s first book with William Morrow—and reunites her with Editor David Highfill. A forensics expert credited with introducing the genre, the author has also written five non-Scarpetta novels, two cookbooks, a biography, and a case study on the Jack the Ripper […]

Patricia Cornwell launches book tour in Wilton


Keeping a popular mystery series fresh and exciting for 22 books isn’t easy. Patricia Cornwell is nearing the 30th anniversary of her novels about forensic investigator Kay Scarpetta and longtime readers should be both thrilled and jolted by the new book, “Flesh and Blood” More

A great interview with The Charlotte Observer, where I started.


A persistent Patricia Cornwell publishes 22nd Scarpetta novel — Patricia Cornwell is taking calls from one reporter after the other – bam-bam-bam – 15 minutes apart – from her penthouse apartment in Boston, which overlooks Boston Harbor.  More

Meet Dr. Kay Scarpetta


In 1990, Postmortem was published to huge critical acclaim, winning a plethora of awards including the Edgar (US) and John Creasey (UK) Awards for Best First Novel. This was the first book in Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta series.  More.

The latest about Flesh And Blood


Patricia Cornwell’s books featuring her forensic sleuth Kay Scarpetta have been bestsellers for years, since her debut Post Mortem in 1990 inaugurated what is now a 22-book sequence.  More

Off to a good start!


Ten books to read in November

flesh and blood sneak peak


You don’t have to have the new iPhone to enjoy this sneak peek of FLESH AND BLOOD in the iBooks store. Start reading now:

Fun is coming to CBS!


 Best-selling crime novelist Patricia Cornwell is writing an original drama pilot for CBS through ABC Studios. She will executive produce the yet-to-be-titled project with Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts. Read more:  

Meet Angie Steele


CBS has bought a crime drama from one of the genre’s literary experts, bestselling author Patricia Cornwell

Here’s something fun!


Do you believe the science you read in crime fiction? More

‘Inspirational’ women choose favourite books for Baileys


Nineteen “inspirational” women, including Caitlin Moran, Dawn O’Porter, Tanni Grey-Thompson and Sandi Toksvig, will mark 19 years of the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction by sharing the books by women that have most impacted their lives. More

One of my heroes.


The “Good Morning America” anchor and author of “Everybody’s Got Something” calls Maya Angelou her literary hero. As a teenager in Mississippi, I identified with her quest for independence. More      


We ask a celebrity a set of devilishly probing questions – and only accept THE definitive answer. This week it’s novelist Patricia Cornwell’s turn. More

What Liz Smith says about Dust


At that time in my life I was into wash-and-wear men who required no effort to maintain with no harm done. I wanted men who were easy to clean up after, cheap men, simple men to have sex with, to be served and serviced by, so I could forget what I know for a while.”  […]

Interview with The Star


Merry Christmas, mystery fans. Here’s what Patricia Cornwell is stuffing into your bloodstained stocking this holiday season with her 21st Kay Scarpetta mystery, Dust. There’s a diabolical killer, high-end corporate espionage, deep psychological trauma, tummy-turning forensics, unbearable suspense and a complex emotional resolution set on — when else? — Christmas Day. Read More    

My Apple event in London


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Patricia Cornwell Lets Her Characters Speak For Themselves


NHPR and The Music Hall present Writers on a New England Stage with Patricia Cornwell. Her best-selling Kay Scarpetta crime fiction series introduced millions of readers to forensic pathology – and inspired popular TV shows from CSI to Dexter. After her 21st Scarpetta novel, Patricia Cornwell reflects on the process of turning grisly real-world crimes […]

Patricia Cornwell makes a killing


(CBS News) Author Patricia Cornwell has been making a killing WRITING about killings – all kinds of killings. Martha Teichner gives us a read on her prolific career: The “Scarpetta Patch” – which represents the scales of justice, a caduceus, and enlightenment – is on Patrician Cornwell’s sleeve. It’s on jewelry. It’s also on her […]

8 best crime books for Autumn


Looking for a brilliant page turner? Books Editor Joanne Finney recommends 8 addictive thrillers and crime novels. More

What the UK is saying.


At 5ft 3ins Patricia Cornwell cuts a slight figure next to the two burly security men standing guard at her door. But her bank balance is anything but diminutive. Details of her extravagant lifestyle were laid bare in a bitter court case earlier this year when she was awarded £30million against her financial management company. […]

‘Dust’ by Patricia Cornwell


The latest outing for Dr. Kay Scarpetta is packed with too-close-for-comfort encounters. The murder mystery that the medical examiner tangles with in “Dust” hits close to Scarpetta’s home, her Cambridge Forensic Center office, her technical wizard of a niece, Lucy Farinelli, and her FBI profiler husband, Benton Wesley. Upping the nail-biting suspense factor is the […]

In my Library: Patricia Cornwell


In “Dust,” Patricia Cornwell’s latest, intrepid medical examiner Kay Scarpetta tracks down “a new enemy” — people so addicted to fame, they’ll literally kill for some attention. “I wanted to focus on financial crime and the shadowy, greedy people who might be capable of almost anything,” Cornwell tells The Post. “I thought it would be […]

Patricia Cornwell On ‘˜Dust,’™ Sandy Hook, New TV Show


Patricia Cornwell, the best-selling crime novelist and creator of popular protagonist Dr. Kay Scarpetta, is out with a new book starring Scarpetta called Dust and has a TV pilot on the way. Patricia Cornwell Talks Sandy Hook In Dust, named for the fluorescent colors that manifest upon using an ultraviolent light in forensics, Cornwell made […]

Catch me in the New York Times.


The author of the Scarpetta novels, most recently “Dust,” plans to write her memoirs, but not anytime soon: “I will want my story told with glaring, unflinching honesty.” Tell us about your favorite book of the year. Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper.” It’s an amazingly detailed account of fighting in Iraq — a humanizing, brave story […]

Patricia Cornwell, Crime Novel Author, Opens Up About Her Sexuality


Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell opened up about her sexuality in a HuffPost Live appearance this week. “For me, I feel it’s important to own anything that’s the truth,” said the openly gay Cornwell, whose books include The Last Precinct and Dust. “I don’t ever want dirty secrets in my closet.” Watch Video

Patricia Cornwell: My writing had to change – it’s psychopathic teens not serial killers who scare people today


Crime writer Patricia Cornwell has sold more than 100milion books and is the brains behind medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. What is Dust, featuring medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, about? It opens when Scarpetta’s just come back from a terrible case – the equivalent of the Newtown massacre, a mass murder by firearms. More

Cornwell writes 21st Scarpetta mystery


NEW YORK — Patricia Cornwell never runs out of ideas for her intrepid forensic investigator, Kay Scarpetta. “Cybercrime is now a really big deal, and so Scarpetta is inevitably going to get involved in crimes that have to do with the Internet, or the high technology with communications,” the best-selling author said during a recent […]

Patricia Cornwell book excerpt: Inside the hunt for a killer


(CBS News) In Patricia Cornwell’s “Dust,” the author continues the story of Kay Scarpetta in the twenty-first installment of her wildly popular series. In “Dust,” readers are re-introduced to the Scarpetta, chief medical examiner and the director of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Cambridge, Mass., where she coaxes the truth out of dead bodies and […]

Patricia Cornwell on a New England stage


PORTSMOUTH — The Writers on a New England Stage series welcomes #1 New York Times bestselling crime writer Patricia Cornwell with the latest installment in her wildly popular Kay Scarpetta series, DUST, on Thursday, Nov. 14. The 7:30 p.m. event in The Music Hall’s Historic Theater in downtown Portsmouth includes an author presentation and on-stage […]

ABC Buys Crime Drama From Patricia Cornwell, Matt Gross & Stephanie Sengupta


Bestselling novelist Patricia Cornwell, best known for her Kay Scarpetta series, is behind another crime franchise with a strong female character at the center, this time for TV. ABC has put in development Greta Stone, a drama project based on an original idea by Cornwell. Co-written by Cornwell and Law & Order alumna Stephanie Sengupta, […]

Welcome to my crime room.


Patricia Cornwell, who has sold at least 100 million books, has to be one of the best-selling crime writers alive. She also may have solved the mystery of Jack the Ripper, a theory she details in her 2002 book, “Portrait of a Killer.” It’s absolutely certain that her series of novels starring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, […]

Books: New and noteworthy


1. Dust: A Scarpetta Novel by Patricia Cornwell (Putnam, fiction, on sale Nov. 12) What it’s about: In this 21st installment in a series, medical examiner Kay Scarpetta becomes involved in a serial killer case her husband, an FBI profiler, is investigating. More

New & Notable: Patricia Cornwell’s ‘Dust’


Bestselling author Patricia Cornwell’s books are known for their authenticity, vivid storytelling, cutting-edge science and unforgettable characters. Speaking of unforgettable, forensic whiz Kay Scarpetta returns in Dust, the 21st installment of the uber-popular series. She’s the chief medical examiner and director of the Cambridge Forensic Center in Cambridge, Mass. She’s just finished working the mass […]