Patricia Cornwell

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from Scarpetta and her crime scene of an author!



3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays from Scarpetta and her crime scene of an author!

  1. Judy Smarda-Bredin says:

    You are to literature what Amelia E. was to aviation! Who else but you(Kay) could inspire a 73yr. old woman to actually believe there was such a thing in Chaos, pg. 14, last paragraph. Your ability to weave fiction with reality is truly a beautiful thing to behold. Have been a devout fan since Postmortem, still have the original publication. Anyhow, I couldn’t believe the Hotel Hassler existed and found myself buying Benton’s favorite “Amorvero” . . .who knew! What a surprise and delight for this Mature woman. The only Christmas present I received this year, but what a doozie. Please thank your parents “Wonderwoman” and “Superman” for me, they’ve got to be so proud of you. Seriously, your many talents and accomplishments are truly an inspiration to women everywhere. Do you truly KNOW how blessed you are . . .we all live vicariously through your novels. You make us want to be better women. Thank you Patricia. Best to you and yours.

  2. Edie Peterson Cano says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wife! Thank you for giving us Kay Scarpetta! I enjoy reading your novels and appreciate the thought and care you put into each book! I feel I am in the story as you describe the city and the FOOD!!
    Best regards!

  3. Kim Connelly says:

    Loved Chaos. Thank you! I’ve read every book you’ve ever written and look forward to your new book every year under the tree. It’s my annual gift from my mom, also a fan. Please let this be the end of Carrie though. I miss your old fashion good old crime mystery. No one puts clues together better than Kay and Marino. Have a wonderful 2017.

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