Patricia Cornwell

Looking forward to spending a rainy day with the progressive way cool Richmond Police Department



5 thoughts on “Looking forward to spending a rainy day with the progressive way cool Richmond Police Department

  1. Martha Graydon says:

    My husband read/heard that you would like to own a bookstore. Is this true, and if so, would you be interested in speaking with me about the possible future of The Midlothian Book Exchange? Thanks for your time, and I apologize if this does not go to a private e-mail and ends up on a public forum instead.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I have no idea if this will reach you, but figured I’d try. My friend is a major fan of yours and has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 T-cell Lymphoma and has 1 to 2 years prognosis. She and her husband have a young girl and have a small alpaca business. Your books keep her company and I would love to see her smile with an autograph of yours…she heard you are in Richmond (she lives in Goochland) and was disappointed she might miss you (she is in and out of UVA hospital and traveling to TX for a doctor later this month). Anyway, not sure how to properly request this but figured I’d try commenting. Thank you!

  3. Denise Boyd says:

    I have just finished Depraved Heart and I loved it-getting ready to order Chaos….I have read almost all of The Scarpetta Series; and I have one question that I have tried to answer myself-which book does Benton come back in????

  4. Denise Boyd says:

    one comment- the more recent novels tend to dwell more on Kay’s life and problems than those of her “clients’. While I have enjoyed the diversity it might be nice to just read one where she and her crew save the day again

  5. Stephen Ward says:

    We were visiting my ‘sista’ Sue Lewis and Steve for NewYears. While there, Sue took us around Windsor Farms to show us your Richmond home. I enjoy reading your novels, have read all of them, and look forward to the next. My husband and I live in Charlotte and hope Kay returns to Charlotte for another crime to solve.

    Stephen and Robert

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