Patricia Cornwell

Listen to my podcast with Kick Ass News “Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert”


One thought on “Listen to my podcast with Kick Ass News “Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert”

  1. Tony Pantoni says:

    Hello Ms. Cornwell, I reside in Midlothian. I once did your DMV paperwork for you at Whitlow Chevrolet when you purchased a Tahoe. Sadly the dealership closed. I am retired now and believe or not, as of 2014 I could count on 1 hand the number of books I read. Then I decided I needed to do something and began my own little courier business delivering blood to hospitals and such. Right up your line huh! I travel to Winchester and points north and west daily. Long trips to be sure. I got tired of the same old music and talk radio. I decided to try listening to audio books and in the past 2 years have listened to over 200 books, on all sorts of subjects. My first was Port Mortuary. I have listened to The Bone Bed, Postmortem, The Scarpetta Factor, Flesh and Blood, Cause of Death and others. I am rereading Cause of Death.for a second time. As I got to the part where George sold you another Mercedes and knowing you are returning to Richmond, I though it would be time for Kay to need another vehicle. I want to be the one that sells Kay another vehicle. Maybe a new Tahoe. I use to work on Sunday’s, when we were closed. Sold many vehicles that way and I think Kay would not enjoy the riggers of having to come and buy a vehicle on a normal business day. You know with all 30 sales reps standing at your car door ready to pounce on you like hungry lions waiting to be fed at the zoo. So you come on a Sunday to check things out and run into “Tornado Tony Pantoni”, my sobriquet. A name given to me buy the team because I once delivered a car to a customer in 1993 whereby I ran into a very horrific tornado. This is true! As I drove right into the thing I along with 3 others in front of me were tossed about by the crazy winds. The vehicles in front of me were heavily damaged and one flipping over. Once it passed I ran out of my vehicle, which by the grace of God received no damage, and began to administer first aid. The car that flipped over had a mature woman and her daughter inside. The mother was unconscious and her arm pinned under the hood of the vehicle. She was bleeding but managed to free her arm. I got kind of bloody. After all this and when I got home I called Channel 12 and then was asked to come to the station since no one was available to pick me up. I was on the late news with Sabrina Squire bloody white shirt and all. So that’s how I got my name and it worked very well for me. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute. So Kay thinks she is a good Italian Chef. I’ll make her better.with my bi-monthly newsletters. This is where I talk all things automotive and give instruction on the “how to’s” of fine cooking. I would even give her my most famous red sauce recipe. But I want to sell her a car in the book you are going to be writing. That is why you”re coming back to Richmond right? When I left the dealership I had been promoted to General Sales Manager. So I look forward to handling your “second baseman/woman or wingman/woman”. I know I probably have to sell the car to Benton, Lucy or Marino or all three! I could handle any of them. MARINO, I will have the most fun with. I just want to be in your book. I don’t care how you use me. But as a sales associate I was great because I gave options and let people decide for themselves and I’m Italian. Heyyyyyy! hope you get this and really looking forward to when you come to RVA!

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