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Scarpetta Series:
Postmortem 1990 ISBN 0-684-19141-5
Body of Evidence 1991 ISBN 0-684-19240-3
All That Remains 1992 ISBN 0-684-19395-7
Cruel and Unusual 1993 ISBN 0-684-19530-5
The Body Farm 1994 ISBN 0-684-19597-6
From Potter’s Field 1995 ISBN 0-684-19598-4
Cause of Death 1996 ISBN 0-399-14146-4
Unnatural Exposure 1997 ISBN 0-399-14285-1
Point of Origin 1998 ISBN 0-399-14394-7
Black Notice 1999 ISBN 0-399-14508-7
The Last Precinct 2000 ISBN 0-399-14625-3
Blow Fly 2003 ISBN 0-399-15089-7
Trace 2004 ISBN 0-399-15219-9
Predator 2005 ISBN 0-399-15283-0
Book of the Dead 2007 ISBN 0-399-15393-4
Scarpetta 2008 ISBN 0-316-73314-8
The Scarpetta Factor 2009 ISBN 0-399-15639-9
Port Mortuary 2010 ISBN 0-399-15721-2
Red Mist 2011 ISBN 0-399-15802-2
The Bone Bed 2012 ISBN 0-399-15756-1
Dust 2013 ISBN 0-399-15757-8
Andy Brazil/Judy Hammer series:
Hornet’s Nest 1997 ISBN 0-399-14228-2
Southern Cross 1999 ISBN 0-399-14465-X
Isle of Dogs 2001 ISBN 0-399-14739-X
At Risk / Win Garano series:
At Risk 2006 ISBN 0-399-15362-4
The Front 2008 ISBN 0-399-15418-3
Ruth, A Portrait 1997 ISBN 978-0385-48900-3
Scarpetta’s Winter Table 1998 ISBN 0941711420
Food to Die For 2002 ISBN 0-399-14799-3
Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed 2002 ISBN 0-399-14932-5


20 thoughts on “Patricia Cornwell Book List

  1. Bonnie Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the list. Now I can reread them in order.

  2. Barb Holden says:

    I just finished reading Red Mist and loved the book but I didn’t like the font or the darkness (or should I say lack of) in the typeface. I found it difficult to read – especially late at night while the old man is sleeping! I don’t remember this from other novels. Did you use a different font?

  3. June Paterson says:

    I do like the Scapetta series, and am working my way through them, have read 6 so far. I have also read Win Garano both books, but prefer Scarpetta. Keep writing, I enjoy them.

  4. sylvia says:

    Scarpetta i just love how strong she is and the next she shows how human and weak can be, im on Trace again for the 2nd time around im going through them all again .. thanks for all the good stories..keep them coming..

  5. SANDY BROWN says:


    1. Anil says:

      Oh, I forgot Other Kick-Ass women:Leeloo from Fifth ElementNikita from La Femme Nikita Hmm, anoehtr Luc Besson flim, The Remake with Bridget Fonda was OK, but not as good as the French original.I know you don’t like Tarantino, but the girls in the second half of Deathproof were as Kick-Ass as it gets.

  6. Mary Price says:

    I want to thank you for the list in order. Now I can read them again this time in order. You are an amazing writer. I wanted to be a writer but I do not want to go up against you. Please keep them coming. Ever since I got my first one as a Christmas present years ago I have addicted to them.

  7. Sofia du Preez says:

    Having just found a copy of “Black Notice” and understanding that Benton Wesley had died – missed that one -
    now I have found a copy of Predator and lo and behold Benton is very much alive – how? when? how many have I missed. I have read The Last Precinct, Blow Fly and Trace.

  8. gill wood says:

    absolutley brilliant books

  9. kate richardson says:

    i am a mega fan of patricia cornwell & i can t wait for the next thriller to be published i hope there is a thriller out near the end of this year

  10. Marje says:

    Just finished Red Mist and did not figure out who did what ==the ending was great and i loved it

  11. mel says:

    Found your books actually in the Library when” I could no longer read” , back then it was on cassette tape so you opened up my world again to engaging crime fiction, so thankful. I now own almost all of your books on cd, thanks for the list, i shall now also get to read them in order which i have never done before and hopefully this will make more sense to me as this will flow the way it’s supposed to. I Have only recently obtained the Bone Bed and this should be exciting to go through in the right order up to date. Many Many thanks to Patricia Cornwell for giving us all such informative crime fiction.Extremely Satisfying.

  12. Karen Heaston says:

    I started reading Dr Scarpetta books back in the beginning. I read them all and then moved on to other authors and life intervened. Recently, I saw someone who was selling a bunch of them and I realized how far behind I was! I got all my old ones out, bought up what she had that I didn’t have, and started reading them again. I forgot how much I LOVE them! I get so invested in all the characters of every book I read, but I think this is one of those that never left me. I remembered certain things about some of them all these years later and couldn’t wait to find that part again in whatever book I was reading. A few weeks ago I went to New York for the first time and I had JUST finished reading about Temple Gault’s death (yikes-lol). Needless to say, I was fascinated on the subway! I am now in unfamiliar territory (Blow Fly) and I’m on edge to find out what happens from here on out! I have always had a strong imagination and create faces in my mind of what the characters look like. I have to say, in my mind (and I’m sure many others), Kay looks a lot like you! Thank you for your contribution to my life!!!

  13. Marilyn Romero says:

    I love the Scarpetta series, i ‘ve read 6 so far and i still have to collect 8 books to complete my collection. i even read Cause of Death twice…love the character of Kay. congrats Patricia Cornwell…keep on writing…

  14. Pam Newlyn says:

    Good to get a list of books in the correct order. I am a recent convert to Patricia Cornwell- Scarpetta is a complex character, fascinating. I cannot wait to start the next book. I have retired, now, so can sink into a book more often than I used. The only thing that saddens me is that, on reading other comments posted I learned of the demise of someone – I wished I had not as I have a few books to read before I get to that so.

  15. owen bell says:

    the richness of the characters and story make me yearn to know more, thank you Patricia, I look forward to more escapades from the team, I hope lucy doesn’t disappear , :) regards Owen

  16. bev says:

    I absolutley love reading patricia cornwell books when will she be releasein a new 1

    1. admin says:

      Dust, Patricia’s next Scarpetta Novel will be released on November 12, 2013. Thank you. ~Admin

  17. christine gibbs says:

    As i now have a progressive joint disorder and find it difficult to walk about, reading is one of my hobbies
    I have read nearly all of Patricia’s books and particulalry enjoy the “Kay Scarpetta” novels. Roll on the next

  18. Lynn Durrett says:

    Why no new Kay Scarpetta books….Been ages…can not live with out them !!!!

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