Patricia Cornwell

Jack The Ripper The secrets paper can tell…


02.23.17.#JackTheRipper The secrets paper can tell...

4 thoughts on “Jack The Ripper The secrets paper can tell…

  1. David says:

    I wondered if you had studied Near Death Experiences [NDEs] and Life after Death ?

  2. james says:

    Dorothy comes first or it gets confusing but- You might be interested to know that my sister did the family tree and tells me that David Swanson of Scotland Yard who investigated the Ripper murders married into our family. He married my Scottish paternal grandfathers sister. I never met either of them.I believe she said she is still in touch with a relative in Ilford Essex so I wonder if you saw her at some stage. I am also doing a book on an artist who had lessons with Sickert at Wesminster Art School which he ran, at this very moment. Small world.

  3. Chantel says:

    Hi – we are interested in selling your book in our shop, could you please let me know who your UK wholesalers are.

  4. Theresa Hayes says:

    the letter with what looks like blood down the middle and post mark London 7 and looks like Oct 1 . The blood smear looks like a pig common name for police the head has a open mouth facing down wards and the rest looks like a pigs back. May just be my imagination

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