Patricia Cornwell

If ‪Scarpetta‬ met the ‪Ripper‬ what would she say to him?


3 thoughts on “If ‪Scarpetta‬ met the ‪Ripper‬ what would she say to him?

  1. Bonnie says:

    I think it would depend entirely upon where she met him! Hopefully, not in a dark alley.
    Beyond that, I think she would say little but observe much. During which time she would likely pick up on details that would go unnoticed by most others.

    1. Sara griffiths says:

      Having read “Portrait of a killer” some years ago, my husband bought me a Walter Sickert painting. I heard somewhere you were looking for more paintings on which to carry out various forensic tests. You are welcome to take a look at mine, I also know that there is another at Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire, Wales, very close to where I live. feel free to get in touch, best wishes Sara

  2. Des Browning says:

    Just listening again to Ms Cornwell’s Radio 3 interviews from December 2014. Talking about the person she identifies as Jack the Ripper she mentioned that while it doesn’t excuse him, his very harsh childhood must have affected him deeply. Apparently Saddam Hussien had a similarly harsh childhood, which again, while it doesn’t excuse his later actions, must also have affected him. Nurture, not nature is the deciding factor in people’s lives.

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