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I get to go to the most amazing places, the Oxford coroner


05.10.17.I get to go to the most amazing places. #Oxford #coroner

One thought on “I get to go to the most amazing places, the Oxford coroner

  1. Dr David Anderson says:

    I was not sure how best to contact you, so am trying this blog. Having read and been convinced by your earlier book on WS being the Ripper, I am now enjoying your second (if ‘enjoying’) is the right word. In retirement I have myself co-written a book entitled ‘Three False Convictions, Many Lessons – the Psychopathology of Unjust Prosecutions (link–Many-Lessons–9781909976351.html#SID=3). Of course I hope you’ll read it, as I believe we break new ground on all aspects of psychopathology. The first case is Meredith Kercher’s murder and the framing of Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend. The second is that of Stefan Kiszko (a patient of mine who was framed in England for the murder in 1975 of Lesley Molseed), while the US case is that of Darlie Routier.

    One reason for writing is that in the course of researching the Routier boys murder, in Rowlett, Texas on the ‘devil’s date’ 6-6-1996 and the false conviction of their mother Darlie (who has now been on Death Row in Texas for 20 years), I came across John Cameron’s work on the psychopathic serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. John Cameron, who I have corresponded with, agrees with me that the Routier killings have the hallmark of this monstrous and highly intelligent killer, and I am struck by many parallels with Walter Sickert. I have been fighting rather hopelessly so far for Darlie’s exoneration and release. Unfortunately I fear the Edwards story of complicity with the Law means this will be very difficult. I do hope you can help. Please contact me if you need more information.

    I am 76 and a retired Endocrinologist and former Professor of Medicine and now live in Italy (near Perugia, which accounts for how I became involved in the fight for justice for Amanda Knox).


    David Anderson

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