Patricia Cornwell

Charlotte where I started


09.18.17.#Charlotte where I started

One thought on “Charlotte where I started

  1. Cass says:

    I’ve been a fan for years and used your books as a way of teaching medical terms and A & P in H.S. I’m currently reading Ruth A Portrait and have a request for a book. Last year I read A Foreign Devil in China, and became curious as to why Bell was so successful and from what I read, Pearl Bucks fathers concerts could be counted on 1 hand. I did not know that P.Bucks dad founded the mission station where the Bells served and thought it would make a good “read” composting the ministry of these 2 men. The Bells and Grahams should be the Christian norm not a an exception, from what I’ve read In afraid the world thinks Christians are more like Sydenstricker.

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